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What we do

Chaddy Mission Kenya is a UK charity founded in 2017 and is ran by 5 volunteers, here in the UK. Our main goal is to support Chaddy Mission School. Chaddy Mission School was founded in 2011 by Geoffrey Mbugua and provides a free education and feeding programme to the vulnerable children and orphans in the Mwariki slums, Nakuru. We work together to help Geoffrey to continue his amazing work and support the Mwariki community. Our goal is to offer the children who live in the Mwariki slum a brighter future. To accomplish this we support the school in a number of areas; paying our amazing teachers' wages, providing education resources, constructing and improving the schools structure, supporting the free school meals and providing the children's uniforms. Chaddy Mission Kenya also work to support the wider Mwariki community by contributing to family counselling and job opportunities for the parents.


How to help

Chaddy mission aims to be self sufficient in the future but we are not there yet. Would you  consider supporting us and our children? there's a number of ways we request support;

  • Pay £1 to Pay a Teacher Campaign

  • Make a donation

  • Organise fundraising events

  • Volunteer and visit our school


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