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We are incredibly lucky to have a number of business and organisations support our charity work.

                  Would you like to know more about how you can support us? 


We are extremely priviliged to be included in the church's annual tithe. For the past few years, the church has provided Chaddy Mission with enough money to cover at least one month's salary for all our teachers. This is incredibly generous and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

The church is a growing Anglican church in Lee, South East London. They have two congregations, one at the Good Shepherd on Handen Road, and one at St. Peter’s on Eltham Road. The churches are seeking to be thriving churches at the heart of our local community, where all are welcome, and all have the opportunity to grow in faith.

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Sounds of Manchester

They have supported us through a number of events, and continue to do so by providing a DJ at events and through their graphic design department, producing our amazing event posters and literature!

They're a small limited company with a passion for helping small artists, bands and industry experts who host live gigs in Manchester and surrounding areas.

We look forward to getting back to Events and appreciate their continued support.

To Check them out further head over to

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Cherished Glass

A bespoke stained glass repair company that grew from a hobby by our cofounder John Savill into a business! This is a not for profit business as all proceeds from commissions are donated to Chaddy Mission Kenya to help support our cause.

cherished glass.jpg

Park Fever are another of our long time supporters. We really appreciate the company's continued support to receive regular donations, which help us to continue to fund our charity.

Park Fever is an independently owned shop in Hither Green, SE London, specialising in craft beer & chocolate. 

They have regular meet the brewer/maker events where  you can learn more about the producers and their products. 

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their website:

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