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Our Founders

John was previously a volunteer at Chaddy Mission and made an immediate connection with Geoffrey and his work. He continued to volunteer and provide support as much as he could until Chaddy Mission (Kenya) was founded in 2017. John is co-founder and Chair of our UK registered charity. John tirelessly fundraises and has created his own not for profit business in which all income generated is donated directly to Chaddy Mission Kenya. 

Jenny first travelled to Kenya as a volunteer in 2012. After spending 10 days with Geoffrey at Chaddy Mission School, she knew this was an organisation she wanted to do more to support. Jenny supported the school through volunteering and fundraising up until the creation of the Chaddy Mission Kenya. Jenny is co-founder and Vice-Chair of Chaddy Mission (Kenya). Jenny created the website and continues to organise fundraising events and co-ordinates the School Partnership Programme.



We also have our amazing trustees Zoe and Lucy. Zoe provides us with support by running our social media sites and organising fundraising events to support Chaddy Mission School. Lucy is a valuable source of knowledge for us as she is Kenyan herself and therefore helps advise the charity on how best to support the school.

Chaddy Mission School's Founder

Pastor Geoffrey is the founder of Chaddy Mission School. Geoffrey was one of nine children brought up by his Mother. As a child he was assisted by a Pastor to get an education, which he realised as he grew older was what provided him the opportunity for a more successful future and he decided that he wanted to pay back to the society he grew up in. Geoffrey strongly believes that education is the key to success and through Chaddy Mission School he aims to transform not just the children's lives directly but his whole community's.

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