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Building a better school...



Our main project currently is building and constructing a school which is reliable and stable for our children. 

We need to see 6 more classrooms built with brick and mortar as when we moved schools it was sudden and so temporary classrooms were built. As you can see below, the current classrooms are simply Iron sheets, which are cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. This creates an incredibly uncomfortable environment for our children to learn in.



Our secondary project is to fill these new classrooms with the best educational resources we can.

Our priorities for resources, as discussed with Geoffrey (Headteacher) are 40 new desks, Computers, Textbooks, White boards and a Printer/ Photocopier. 

Our priorities for facilities at the school are installing electricity in the toilets, upgrading the kitchen facitilities to help Mama Flo with the running of the feeding programme and to build a library and staffroom so our teachers have somewhere to organise their work and hold meetings. 


Pay a Pound to Pay a Teacher


Here at Chaddy Mission Kenya our ongoing focus is paying our teachers wages. 

Before we began supporting the school, teachers would often go months without being paid, this resulted in a high staff turn over and ultimately it was our children that suffered through inconsistency. 

In 2020, our teachers graciously accepted just 50% wages during Kenyan lockdowns and for the first time since the school opened, we went a full year without a missed wage. 

In order to tackle this we rolled out a programme whereby we figure if enough people donate just £1 a month, our teachers can have a regular wage. 

Currently our programme funds under 10% of the teachers wages and so we really need help to ensure this regular income is provided for our teachers, their families and ultimately the community of Mwariki. 

Would you consider becoming a regular donor? 

if so, please click            

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