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Our Background

Chaddy Mission School was founded in January 2011 as Hadassah Orphan school. It originated from a feeding programme, which provided meals to very poor families in the community. It soon became apparent that the children being fed also wanted to be educated and Chaddy Mission School was subsequently founded. 


Chaddy Mission (Kenya) was officially registered in September 2017. The charity is UK based and supports Chaddy Mission to fulfil its' goals. The Charity was founded by long term supporters and volunteers who wanted to do more to provide a more consistent financial support for the school. The charity aims to support the school and its teachers, so that they can continue to provide their community with resources that can make a huge impact on  their lives. Together, Chaddy Mission school and the charity aim to provide a #BrighterFuture for the Mwariki community.


The school is also involved in providing support and counselling to both parents and children, in matters such as nutrition and health. The school provides a referral system for parents with HIV and AIDS, advising them where they can obtain Anti-Retro Viral (ARV) drugs. This is a particular issue for the community as HIV is prevalent amongst both the children and their parents.

Our Growth
Since it was founded, Chaddy Mission School has expanded from 90 to almost 300 students. It is a strictly non-fee paying school and provides education for underprivileged children, whose families cannot afford the costs of government schools. The children have incredibly difficult home lives, with food hard to come by and often having been left to fend for themselves on the streets. Whilst at school, the children are fed a porridge breakfast and a filling lunch, allowing the children to learn without worrying about being hungry.

The School was originally located on 2 acres of land in the Mwariki Slum of Nakuru county, Kenya. This land was originally rented and unfortunately in October 2012 the school was forced to vacate this site. The school is now at a nearby site, still in the Mwariki slum, but is crowded into only a quarter of an acre.

Our Goals

Here at Chaddy Mission Kenya, our ongoing goal and main focus is ensuring our amazing teachers recieve a regular wage which they so deserve. Many times in the past, our teachers have continued to work , even when their wages have been late (sometimes many months late). 

The long term aim of the school is to become self-sustaining and no longer have to heavily rely on donations and volunteers. It has started doing this by setting up a tent and chair rental business as well as a uniform business. The School employs parents of the students in an effort to provide employment and skills to the wider community. Despite this the school has not yet reached its target of self sufficiency and cannot yet raise close to its required funds.

The long term aims of Chaddy Mission Kenya is to support the school in becoming self sufficient and to also help build the school in a more appropriate location with better resources. We hope one day our school will be in a location which can cope with the capacity of children which we serve. 



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