Matthew is cycling 6287 miles to Kenya!!!

Thirteen-year-old Newman College student Matthew Senior has ADHD.

He is really struggling with isolation thanks to all the excess energy and frustration he has, so he has taken it upon himself to create a positive situation and cycle almost 6,300 miles on a virtual journey from his Chadderton home to the Chaddy Mission School in Nakuru, Kenya!

With the support of his family and support worker Dave Hunt, Matthew uses his one hour a day to cycle as many miles as he can and then continues indoors on an exercise bike.

Since starting his journey at the beginning of the UK lockdown at the end of March, Matthew has personally cycled 888 miles to date (last updated 27/07/2020). You can follow Matthew's incredible journey on our social media pages. Please support this young man who despite his own challenges, has taken on one huge challenge to support others. Please donate if you can and if you go for a walk/cycle yourself post on Chaddy Mission facebook page the milage you would like to donate or tweet us @ChaddyMission

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